Management and Surgery for Non-healing wounds

Management and Surgery is a specialized medical service that focuses on the treatment of non-healing wounds through a combination of advanced wound management techniques and surgical interventions. With a team of experienced wound care specialists and surgeons, they offer a comprehensive range of services including wound debridement, skin grafting, flap reconstruction, and hyperbaric oxygen therapy. Their goal is to provide patients with personalized care and treatment plans that address the underlying causes of non-healing wounds, promoting faster healing and better outcomes.

  1. Diabetic wound care
  2. Negative pressure wound therapy/ Vacuum-Assisted Closure
  3. Sacral Decubitus ulcers

Clinic Schedules

University of Cebu Medical Center (UCMed)

  • Dr Pierre Mella – MWF 10-3pm
  • Dr Claire Marie D. Mella – TTH 1pm -3pm
  • Dr. Reneil Jay I. Peña TTH 10am -12nn

Chong Hua Hospital Mandaue

  • Dr. Pierre Mella – By Appoinment
  • Dr. Claire Marie D. Mella – 11am -1pm
  • Dr. Reneil Jay I. Peña – 1pm – 4pm

Asian Orthopedics

  • Dr Pierre Mella – Mon-Sat 8AM-5pm
  • Dr Claire Marie D. Mella – Mon-Sat 8AM-5pm
  • Dr. Reneil Jay I. Peña – Mon-Sat 8AM-5pm